January 2015

Mark your calendars for these upcoming tech/innovation events:

  • 1/21: Wired Wednesday

Things to Note

  • Again, thank you all for a great first Innovation Week!  Now that you've had some time to process and reflect, please discuss your successes and challenges as a team, and if you want to, add your thoughts to this document.  The Innovations Team will be discussing this at our January meeting.  All feedback is appreciated!
  • Jamie made a great Flipagram of pics she took of Innovation Week.  Click here to view it! (Thanks, Jamie!)
  • We will be having a staff Twitter chat (#BlazerChat) coming up in the next month or so. Stay tuned for more info!  If you have never participated in a Twitter chat, this will be a great way to give it a try.
  • Register NOW for EdCamp Liberty!  If you have never been to an EdCamp, it is the most unique PD you'll ever experience.  Anyone can facilitate a discussion on any topic-- those who have a topic they want to discuss can sign up on the day.  You can pop in and out of discussions, even in the middle of a session.  It's very casual, and the goal is for everyone to leave with new ideas, having had meaningful discussions with colleagues (not having been talked at for hours on end by an "expert").  All LC staff members who attend will be rewarded. :)

Tip of the Month:  Socratic Seminar

How it works: Here is some information on what Socratic Seminar is and how it works.  It can of course be adapted to fit the needs of your students!

Why you might like it:  It gives students a chance to think critically and have deep discussions.  Here is a participation guide that 5th grade adapted from another educator and used when we gave it a try last month.  Ask any 5th grade teacher to explain how we structured it, and @TylerStricklin is a great Twitter follow if you're interested in learning more!

Thought of the Month:  

"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." -Melody Beattie

What goals do YOU have for your instruction this year?