Exploration Proposal

Why you should you pay for my exploration

Hello, King Henry VIII. Would you like to have all the riches you ever wanted? If you donate to me for my trip, you can! My name is Lily Courville, Irish explorer. I need funds for an exploration into America, and I hope you can help.


I will be going across the Atlantic Ocean in a boat to America. West Virginia and Pennsylvania will be my main sites. However, if I need more resources, I can traverse into Virginia.


I will be going to America mainly for gold and materials for medicine.  I will also be able to pick up other things on the way that I find. If I do not find gold and medicine substances, I will at least find fur and leather to sell.


I will be leaving May 20th, 1516. My homecoming date will be around June 10, 1516.


I will need a boat, food and water to last the whole trip, and weapons.

Thank you for listening!

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