Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

K. Volpitta

The Telephone - 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The significance of this invention was that it helped people communicate in other places. In 1877 Bell organized the Bell Telephone Company, which eventually became the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). Over the years the phone became better it revolutionized business and personal communication between people.

The Light Bulb - 1879

The Light bulb
Thomas Edison

The first ever perfected light bulb was significantly used and became very helpful. It improved everyday life in dark rooms. It was safer then using gas or fire to light the way. It was dangerous then using light bulbs because the fire could burn other things and the gas could light it.

The Seismograph - 1880

John Milne

This helped to tell people that and earthquake was coming. It also helped to improve how building were built to withstand the earthquakes. Also, to test how other things could withstand it. Also used for other things in that time.

The Typewriter - 1868

Christopher Latham Sholes

The typewriter became very helpful in typing documents then writing them. It took time away from having to write without messing up. It was used to improve news and get things around faster then writing everything.

The First Automatic Dishwasher - 1886

First Automatic Dishwasher
Josephine Cochrane

This was helpful in a way that instead of hand washing it and became faster. It saved people time and improved as years went by. It was more effective and easier to use. It would tell people when it was done so it saved them time to do work that they needed like cooking while it cleans the plates.

Gasoline Powered Automobile - 1893

Gasoline Powered Automobile

This invention helped people get around faster. It replaced horses and became popular in time so horses were not needed and that save money. They didn't have to buy things for the horses or the energy of them. It helped out a lot from using horses. Didn't have to deal with horses.

First Handheld Camera the Kodak - 1888

The First Handheld camera the Kodak
George Eastman

This helped to capture things better and became useful. More successful then trying to draw the pictures it took less time to get the picture of what they wanted to get. So it became popular over the years and improved as years went  by.

First Successful Powered Flight - 1903

First Powered Flight A plane

As this improved over time it was soon used to get people around and cargo. It saved time from traffic and was used to get people around in the air. Also, became popular in the time and began to be used a lot.  As it improved over the years it became even more used.

Automatic Lubricator for Steam Engines - 1872

Automatic lubricator for steam engines
Elijah McCoy

This was very helpful when it was used to help control steam engines. It was used a lot and get thing safer. It came in handy when they dealt with steam.

The Phonograph - 1877

Thomas Edison

This became popular because of how it could record and replay stuff. So it could record music and replay it. So it was popular and became more as it grew better over the years.

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