Arbor Scientific Pull-Back Cars

Quality Control Activity

How did we get the answers to our experiment?

1.) To find out if the  distance traveled was consistent we took the following steps:  We measured the distance the car traveled after pulling it back a certain distance. Then compared the data and figured out that it was not consistent. Another reason would be that the car does not go straight, causing measuring error.

2.) To find the amount of time an individual pull-back car travels after being pulled back a specific distance we did the following things: We used a timer to time how long it took for the cars to travel each distance. We discovered that as each car was pulled back to a specific distance they all stopped relatively at the same time.

3.) To discover how straight an individual pull-back car traveled we watched the direction the cars traveled,  and when they did not stay parallel to the measuring tape, we could see that the cars did not stay straight.

4.) To find out if all pull-back cars behave similarly we observed how they moved each trial. We discovered that all pull-cars move the same almost every time.

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