You can always lean on neon!!

By: Jacob Thompson

Symbol: Ne




Noble Gas


Melting point is  -248 degrees Celsius

Boiling point is -246 degrees Celsius

10 protons

10 neutrons

10 electrons


Can glow brightly

Atomic Number: 10

Atomic Mass: 20.1797

Group 18

Period 2

Located on far right of periodic table

8 valence electrons

2 shells

Why you should buy

With neon, you could place signs or just have bright lights in your house. You could light up the whole world with the harnessed energy of neon. All your friends will be jealous of how bright and attractive your house is. Are you scared of the unknown? Not anymore, because the bright lights of neon can keep those creepy unknown creatures away from your house. If you owned a store or restaurant then neon will catch customers attention and bring them in.

Common Uses

Some common uses of neon are:



television tubes.

For the skills rank I gave it a biological need of 1 because it isn't necessary for your body, social need of 3 because it can be used for trading, functional need of 2 for lighting, and defensive need of 3 because light keeps the unknown away.


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