By: Gage Elrod and Jackson Presley

Our project is based on the speedboat. This invention was made to go very fast on water. The person who invented this was David Harmon in 1910. This product has always been used to go fast on water. The speedboat has been innovated many times since 1910 when it was originally made. The area of technology that best classifies this object is transportation. The social positives of this invention is that people can have fun on lakes or oceans. The social negatives of this invention is that people can get seriously hurt on them. Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology, are used in the speedboat in the following ways:

Math- To see how much the tools cost.

Science- To make it in a way that it doesn't hurt the environment.

Engineering- To design the speedboat.

Technology-To see how much the tools cost.

A good speedboat quote is, " The sea is the same as it has been before men ever went in boats."

If you drive correctly your speedboat should not look like this.

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