Yellow Is...

Yellow is the sun at a warm summer’s beach

A hug from your mother

Within your arm’s reach

Yellow is popcorn

In front of the TV

The entire night spent

With your family

Yellow is the pencil

used to draw comic strips

The suit of Bruce Lee

and his violent atomic whips

Yellow is the bus

On the way home from school

And corn on the cob

By your grandparent’s pool

Yellow is Pac-Man

Gobbling pellets for powers

Yellow is daffodils,

Or many kinds of flowers

Yellow is french fries

Sprinkled with salt

Yellow is gold

Locked tight in a vault

Yellow is your rubber duck

Squeaking with your grasp

Fireflies twinkling

While tight in your clasp

Yellow is happiness

In all kinds of ways

Bringing smiles to faces

And brightening days