by Aalyah N.

Computer viruses are often spread by attachments in email message or instant messaging message.that is why it is essential that you never open a email attachments unless you know who its from you are expecting it.


The storm worm is a trojan horse program.Its payload is another program though not always the same one. some versions of the storm worm turn computers into zombies or bots as computers become infected, they become vulnerable to remote control by the person behide the attack some hackers use the storm worm to create a botnet and use it to send spam mail across the

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5 tips to protect your computer sources

1. The single most important way to protect aganist infection is to keep your software up to date including your operating system check regulary for your updates  or set up automatic updates.

2.use quality antivirus software from a well known manufacturner check the manufacturers recommentions for information such as set up and configuration.

3.Avoid questions sites ,such as sites that you would have to pay for normally to download for free.

4Avoid sites that offer software hacks and crack

5 Never open email from unknown sources

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