History of Plane
By Yuxuan B.

My invention is plane. It was invented on December 17, 1903. Wilbur and Orville Wright made four brief flights at Kitty Hawk with their first powered aircraft. The Wright brothers had invented the first successfulairplane.

New Plane.

Plane is a powered flying vehicle with fixed wings and a weight greater than that of the air it displaces. It purposed to bring people from place to place(without plane we may need couple months, but if we have plane, it only needs around 10 hours). It also purposed to transport good.

plane in the past

Positive effects of plane:

  1. speeds up transportation of goods and people all over the world.
  2. Makes holidays in far off places to reality.
  3. Allows exploration of places available in by land.
  4. Allows you to drop the relief supplies to disaster Areas.
  5. Allows evacuation of people.
  6. Brings the people of the world closer together.
  7. Promotes business and commerce.
  8. Provides a huge number of people to use.
  9. Stimulates research and development.

Negative effects of plane:

  1. Air Pollution through the burning of carbon based fuel's that contributes to global warming.
  2. Sound Pollution through the engine of the airplane.
  3. Kill people if the plane crashes.

Four forces act on a plane in flight. When the plane flies horizontally, lift from the wings exactly balances the plane's weight. But the other two forces do not balance: the thrust from the engines pushing forward always exceeds the drag (air resistance) pulling the plane back. This is how an airplane works.

How does an airplane works?

Airplane now and 200 years ago is totally different. We have a lot of different versions today such as Boeing 747, Boeing 787, Airbus 380, Airbus 350, etc.

Airplane impacted the transportation because in the north people used use rail lines to transport goods and the south used to use ships to transport goods. They have no conflict on transport first. But after plane was invented, both of them want use the air to transport goods, it's way faster, so Northern part and Southern part have conflict now.

It also impacted the economy too. If they can transport goods faster, they can make more money. Airplane can make the transportation quicker. This is why both Northern and Southern wanted to use the air to transport goods.

Airplane impacted war too. If one side could control the air, they may win the war easily, this is a reason why airplane have on the conflict between the Northern and Southern parts of the United States.

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