Ms. Emrick

Here's to all that you done in this class. I know that I'm kind of nosy around you beeswax, but I want you to know that you are...I don't know because I haven't think about this part. I kind of like... ummmm.... that water park project, and I hate that test that you gave to me near the end of the year. Lastly, I will not forgot you because you are my 8th grade math teacher so here have this cookie.


Aida Mumin

Mr. Head

Here's to a year of middle school. I know at you are going to LA during the summer, but i want to said thank you that you given everyone in your period a packet to recover some work, but i hate the thing with the words that you gave us barely any time to work on it. Yet, I'll remember you as a funny guy that has a army of boys who play basketball so have a cookie.

MS. Dorsett

Goodbye until next time. I know that line is kind of cheesy, but okay to say. To say that I'll have a SS teacher in 10th grade, but he or she might not have some of the projects that you have. Yet, I have to also say that I hate some of it too since it is crazy and confusing too. I will not forgot you as a hardworking teacher so here's a cute koala.

Mrs. Johnson

Now you are a teacher that teaches other teachers (funny alliteration). you know that I like reading and like all the reading part, but I hate that writing prop thing once since it was so deep. Yet, I will not forgot you as an amazing teacher (and that teacher that slam that desk once) so here's these yellow flowers.

Mrs. Palmore

YOU are a joy that I will not forgot you. I like all the work and hated none of It, but the final exam. you are joy so here's a group of cute baby penguins.

Ms. Ellis

You are a amazing teacher that can work with tools and stuff. I like the car project, but I hate the research part of it. Yet, here's a lighthouse on a beautiful mountain.  

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