Jonas's Rules

The rules of Jonas's

Utopia society laws

In the rule of
society there are many rules, some rules aren’t necessary, many rules aren’t fair,
and the consequences aren’t fair either.

All the rules aren’t necessary, because in the utopian
society they are not allowed to have color in there world. The utopian society
also does not allow you to wear real clothes, you need to wear something called
tunics. The rules are not all fair to all people either. For example aren’t
allowed to have stirring. They’re also not allowed to use incorrect grammar.
You are also allowed to mix up word like smack and snack.

People who don’t follow directions have consequences. One of
the consequences is that you get release from the utopian society. The olds
make the person leave because they don’t follow the rules. Most rules aren’t
fair either. One the of the consequences that is not fair is if a baby is not
learn at the correct speed then they release them. Also kids and old people are
hit with a wand because they don’t follow the rules.

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