Iroquois Civilization

By: Joshelin Camacho

The Iroquois people were one of the many Indian civilizations. They were from the northeast of the Mississippian culture.They occupied large areas of present-day New York and along the St. Lawrence River.

The Iroquois are a mix of horticulturalists, farmers, fishers, gatherers & hunters, though their main diet traditionally has come from farming. The main crops they cultivated were corn, beans, squash; which were called the Three Sisters & were considered gifts from the Creator. The food was stored during the winter, and it lasted for two or three years.

Gathering was the traditional job of the women & children. They would gather wild roots, greens, berries and nuts were gathered in the summer. During the Spring, sap is tapped from the maple trees and boiled into maple syrup.Herbs were gathered for medicine.

The Iroquois men hunted mostly deer but also other game such as wild turkey & migratory birds. Muskrat and beaver are hunted during the winter. Fishing has always been a significant source of food because they are located near the St. Lawrence River. They fished salmon, trout, bass, perch & whitefish.

Some tools they used were bows & arrows, lances, tomahawks, and knives

The Iroquois people lived in villages that consisted of longhouses surrounded by wooden fences for protection

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