YETI Cooler Hype - Should YOU Buy a YETI Cooler?

With so many coolers on the market, what's with all the YETI hype?  Are they **really** the best cooler on the market?  Or is it all a bunch of marketing hype designed to get hard-working consumer to pay big money for an average cooler?

This web page really helped us decide if we should get a YETI cooler based on our needs:

==>>  YETI Coolers - Hype or Worth the Money?

Below are more resources and info on YETI cooler alternatives, comparisons, and reviews.

I love my Yeti! I have an old school 75qt YETI Tundra (this one), had it for about 6 years now. It has traveled all over the country in the back of trucks, on boats, on tractors. It is one tough cooler.

What Size YETI Do You Need?

I love my Yeti. I have had it hold ice for a week easily. You just have to pre-chill it. The first day with ice, you'll find some melted. Dump water, and put more ice in it, it'll last 4 days. Repeat that, and it'll last seemingly forever.

I'm not out camping often, but i do go fishing 3-4 times a week during peak season. I drive home every trip. After the first day, I won't have to ice it until the following week. It's always nice having the yeti loaded too out in the skiff while it's park on the side of the house. Nothing beats an ice cold beer, or beverage for that matter.

After camping in near hundred degree temps with humidity in the 70's and 60's we found ourselves doing daily ice trips with our older Coleman Xtreme.

After a couple trips of this we purchased a bigger and so claimed better Igloo.

No difference in the ice runs, still near daily.

Enter our Yeti.

Under the same conditions our ice trips were reduced to about every 3 days. If we could manage to keep from grabbing a cold one quite so often maybe we might get 4 or 5 days.

Our conclusion is the Yeti is a far superior product

For anyone looking at these YETI coolers you should consider looking at an Engel cooler, they are a little cheaper but just as good.

Note that if you get a Yeti and really want maximum length of cooling, you need to fill it with ice the night before, then dump the ice out the next day and add replacement ice and your drinks or food. This is called conditioning the cooler and not doing this is why some reviewers say they don't work well. You should do this with any cooler, but it doesn't benefit other coolers anywhere near as much as a Yeti.

Many or most negative comments you see here or elsewhere about Yetis come about because people don't pre-condition their coolers, and because they need to understand that frozen water can be any temperature from 32 degrees Fahrenheit on down. If you get 7-Eleven ice, it's barely cold enough to stay frozen for a day or two, so it doesn't have much cooling effect in an ice chest. If you get ice from a good vendor, it can be 30-50 degrees lower, which means it lasts much much longer.