Made With Code's newest coding project is one that will surely excite curious coders! The Yeti project invites users to use code to create a cute "monster" dance show which is awesome. However, with a few extra tricks and tweaks, users can take their Yeti on a fabulous journey into creative collaborative La La land! Check out a few ideas below!

Insert the Yeti into Images

Whether you are creating a comic book, photo story or making "the yeti" be your tour guide on a Google tour builder activity, removing the background of a "saved yeti image" is as simple as 1-2-3! I usually use photoshop but this can be done FREE using a chrome app like pixlr. Check out the instructions below!

Once the background is removed, the possibilities are endless! Use an app like blabberize to add voice or even an ios app like Yackit kids. No voice? No problem! Be excessively creative using editors like picmonkey to make your Yeti tale as over the top as you want! Personally, I cannot wait to code several new yetis to create digital stories for pretty much every creative app that I own. Be ready!

Remix Your Yeti Video!

On a chromebook? No problem! Use the SNAGit chrome extension/chrome app, WeVideo and the youtube audio library to add a little flavor to your yeti videos!

Edit Your Yeti via Camtasia/Imovie or Other...More Work but Still Fun!

Capture with Camtasia or Snagit software, Add callouts, Save. Open in imovie (or other program), Add more titling, Splice the Yeti Audio and then Change the Audio with audio from places like Youtube Audio Library!

Get Your Yeti to Instagram!

Edit in editor of choice! Speed up video so that it is only 15 seconds long. Use an app like Lomotif and add 15 secs of music via itunes.

Recode the Yeti with VidCode

Learn More About Coding!

Check out Google's CS-First which is an learner driven coding curriculum and resource site. There's also an awesome extended learning page with even more resources!

How are you re-mixing your yeti? Code it at and Add your creations to the comment stream below!