War Witch review

By: Lydia Lemieux

War Witch- Kim Nguyen (2012)

Review of Rebelle

The movie Rebelle was produced by Kim Nguyen. It is a Quebecer. The movie was released in 2012. Kim Nguyen is an important movie maker in Quebec. His films are known for “their atmospheric visual style, and elements of fantasy and magic realism.” He is a producer, a writer and a director. he is most likely known for his movie Rebelle (War Witch), but he also produced Le Marais in 2002, Truffe in 2008 and La Cité in 2010.

War Witch is about a young girl named Komona who lives in Sub-Saharan Africa and she is telling her story as a child soldier to her not yet born baby. She tells him everything about her kidnapping, her love story and the ghost that are protecting and haunting her. She became the witch of Grand Tigre and one day, with her love one (magician), she decides to leave the group and live by their own. Unfortunately, this choice has big spiritual and physical impacts on her and her husband, Magician. She tells us with a lot of emotions her story since she got enrol by force, at the age of twelve.

Kim Nguyen started to write this movie ten years before he produced it. The idea came from a web article about two rebels that openly said that they have over 250 000 invisible soldiers. At this time, he starts searching about child soldiers and how they live. He decided to go filming at a symbolic place to represent the hard reality of the child soldiers. He shots is movie in Kinshasa, in Congo.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie. It was very difficult to watch it without crying and feel lucky to live in a ‘’safe place’’. Also, the movie shows us a tiny piece of reality of the child soldiers in emergent country. Also, the colours were very bright. It means that maybe there is some hope and also that it is a warm place. The actors were incredible and it was very touching. The way the reality was shown, was very credible and it is a great result and a wonderful success for this movie. I am very proud of this, because it is a Canadian movie.