Worldy Thoughts

To start, the site that had all of the different nutrition guidelines made me giggle. "This Hungarian house is particularly pitiful" The way they presented this was just very humorous to me. I loved all the little side comments.

A lot of these pyramids were a little too complicated to follow such as Germanys and Solvenia's. There was just SO much stuff added that their pyramids were overwhelming. But there were also some that didn't explain enough like Hungaria's and Australia's. Out of them all I think I liked England's the best. I liked how they used the plate to show portion sizes for each meal, rather than showing the entire days (which can get confusing). The Swiss one was also pretty good too.

I also found it interesting how the Spanish and Greek make olive oil either on its own level, or up there with fruit and vegetables. However, it is also no surprise. They each also had red wine on their pyramids. Whereas the Swiss had their entire bottom be set aside for water. The Hungarians doesn't even include any beverages on theirs. I guess they are automatically assuming people know water is important...? I enjoyed getting to see different food pyramids from around the world!