The Moon's Importance

Abraham Guerra  8th hour

The moon's ph.

The moon has very important rolls. The first one is the moon phase. There are 4 main moon phase. New moon. The new moon is completely dark. Next is first quarter. first quarter is half light and half  dark. Next is the full moon. The full moon is completely light and no darkness. Finally third quarter. third quarter is also half dark and half light. There is also  waning and waxing gibbous/crescent. Waning means to shrink. Waxing means to grow.

The moon's tides.

The moon's controls earth's waves and levels. How you ask?. The moon has a gravitational pull towards earth. There 4 total kinds of tides. First is high tides. High tides are tides water level that's goes up. Second is low tides. Low tides are tides water level that goes down. Next is spring tides. Spring tides happens when the sun, the moon, and the earth are nearly in a line. Finally neap tides. Neap tides happen when the moon's first quarter phase the line between earth and the sun is a right angle.

The moon's eclipses.

The moon's eclipse. there are two kinds of eclipse that are very different. First one is the solar eclipse. The solar eclipse is when the moon passes directly between earth and the moon. Also there are two things that hit earth. One is the umbra. The umbra is where it's all darkness in the center. Next is the penumbra. The penumbra is the outer of the umbra. Finally the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse is when the sun, the earth are in front of the moon. This makes the moon turn in to different colors like red or orange.

The moon's importance.

The moon is very important to us it protests use and give use light and new things to explore. Imagine what if the moon was not there. The water level will be the same and it won't give us new life in earth. Also it's like a shield to protect us from metros. Also it makes us want to explore earth to find what's out there. The moon is very important and it help earth to keep in orbit and danger.

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