Unbound Organization


Everyone should volunteer for the Unbound Organization because you will be able to help provide homes for all different kinds of families. Also, you will be able to help pay for family bills and house bills for some of the families and you can help provide food.

For an example, someone might come from the Philippines and they have lived in trash dumps so your  able to help that family by giving the a better home and gives them a nice bed in there home.

Second, lots of families don’t have enough money to pay for food such as fruit,and veggies, grains or protein, so Unbound volunteers and the staff  give  people that come to the organization food.

Third, Unbound also helps pay for education and school supplies like construction paper,scissors,and even glue.  Some families don't have the same amount of money as regular families do and aren't able to pay for school supplies and their children's education, and then they won't be able to go to school and learn like other kids do.

Fourth,Unbound also helps adults pay for their family so they don’t have to work three other jobs all day at different times and shifts. Example, your parents might be working at a library, a store or even at a restaurant and they even might have to work night shifts, and we all know parents don’t like working night shifts, cause they want to sit down and relax.

Also,the organization can help parents or grandparents pay for medical issues, bills,or surgery bills. An example, maybe the families bills are going up but they only have $60,000 left, and the bill is $40,000 they might be worried because that leaves them $2,000 left and we know that's  not enough money to pay off their house bills.

Another reason is, Unbound is very kid friendly,and also they still give kids fun places to play and run around they are able to make all different kinds of friends all over the world.

Also,adults can make new friends too, there are tons of adults and grandparents there and maybe those new friends you make you are able to rely on them for help.

An example is, say you have no friends that you used to be close with don’t come to Unbound, there are tons of other adults and kids you could become friends with.

Like I said everyone should volunteer for the Unbound organization because it helps people pay for education,food, and better homes. If it wasn’t for the Unbound organization people would be still living in trash dumps and on the streets. Also,some people wouldn’t be able to eat and wouldn’t be able to pay for health insurance or house bills for their family.

Like I said everyone should volunteer for the Unbound Organization.

Every person that came to the Unbound Organization is delightful with their life at the Unbound Organization, and has made good friends with one another. So don’t be the person who doesn’t donate to the Organization and doesn’t have enough money to pay for their families needs.

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