Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

1.) The Great Depression started in the year of 1929, when people started to trade many shares, and production rate began to become slower. It all began on the on a Thursday now known as "Black Thursday" and the stock market finally crashed the following week on "Black Tuesday." The stocks that were purchased and owned became worthless/had no value, many that owned stock/shares panicked. All of these events led to people getting fired from their jobs, factories slowed production, and many buyers were lost. Those who lost their jobs and searched for new jobs could not find any a place where they could be employed.

MIT University

Tuition at this time was around $400, which included the General Fee. The room, board, books, etc. all added up to a cost of $850, which was a lot at the time due to the Great Depression. Before, college was somewhat cheap and the courses were not as long as they are now. College now is more expensive over all and more debt is caused because of these costs. The mascot for MIT was and still is a beaver, Tim the Beaver.

Going to college is hard because it is hard living on your own, especially since you have to worry about your expenses, such as gas, which caused 17 cents per gallon. Another expense was how you would feed yourself. Steak for example was 22 cents, white potatoes was 19 cents for 10 pounds, lastly 4 cans of Campbell soup was 25 cents. Also transportation was an issue that was present, a new car back then cost $945.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim,

I am sincerely sorry for sweeping the trash on your shoes. I didn't mean to be disrespectful, but that was a reaction that happened at the exact moment. I may have been defending my coworker, Andrew, but that shouldn't be important anymore. I truly love working here, so please forgive me for my mistake.

I am always on time every single day. I have so much respect for you, this one instance is an exception. I was never fresh with you, I just lost my mind at this very moment. I am a great worker and I truly never mess up.

Please accept this apology letter and I would like to have my job position back. Once again I am truly sorry that I disrespected you. This job means so much to me, and I love to work in this company.

Yours Truly,

Stanley Jerome.

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland was first adopted in 2011, which then was staged in 2015. The cost of tickets start at $79 and go up to $525 each. The play was made by a true story, the author's life with his friend and children. It teaches how someone can fall in love, not with a person but with the imagination of one person. This can develope a person so much (according to the

Personal Review

Brighton Beach Memoirs is a decent play, that is funny, tragic, and slightly perverted. This play has many different interesting scenes, but my favorite would be when Stanley leaves Eugene alone to fend off for himself and live his life to the fullest. The only reason someone should truly read or watch this play is to have something to laugh at, and well get disgusted from time to time