A business grand opening is quite symbolic in such a way that it will set the tone for the coming days to come. As such, it is important that you set a good mood in your grand opening. A successful grand opening also sends a good message to your potential customers. One way of having a successful business grand opening is through having an inviting event set-up. Potential customers wouldn’t be flocking to your store or restaurant if inside it looks gloomy. First impressions matter, especially in business. How then do you make a good, first impression through your opening set-up?

Add colour to your business grand opening by considering displaying these items on your event set-up:

1. Grand opening flowers

Flowers can easily do the job for you here. You have to take note that flowers are more than just decorative pieces. If the right kind of flowers are chosen, visually, it can attract customers and have them flocking to your grand opening. When it comes to choosing flowers though, you have to know the language of each flower. You wouldn’t want to be displaying marigolds as those flowers represent cruelty and jealousy. You might want to rethink displaying also those pretty pink larkspurs as these flowers represent fickleness. You don’t want to be sending that message to potential customers, right?

What you need to convey are positive messages, particularly success. Yellow poppies can do the job for you. Pair them also with palm leaves for a full effect.

If you are considering displaying flowers on your business grand opening, better consult a flower arrangement company as they know which flowers visually look good together and they are also the ones who are knowledgeable on the language of flowers.

2. Balloons

The presence of balloons is vital in any happy occasion, be it birthdays, graduations, and yes, even grand openings. Balloons give a festive touch and add bursts of colours in any event. It’s eye candy for your potential customers.

Balloons also go well with flowers. This combination is sure to add colour and set a good mood in your business grand opening.

3. Quirky centerpieces

It’s one thing to attract potential customers into your store or restaurant. But how do you make them stay and really see what you have to offer? Keep them busy with your quirky table centerpieces. If you are opening a restaurant, you might want to put crayons into a colorful pencil holder and blank paper placemats for your customers to draw on. You can also provide quirky table numbers.

If you’re simply opening a store, provide the attendees pens and sticky notes where they could write well wishes for your business. Going with this idea, you might want to consider displaying a freedom wall where customers can place their sticky notes. A freedom wall can definitely keep customers busy during your business grand opening.

Of course, you never go wrong with flowers when it comes to table centerpieces. Again, to know what works, consult flower arrangement companies. They know the kinds of flowers that would go well with your grand opening.