#hellothere, my name is Samin

I have two brother. One is 10 and the other is 8.They  both can be very annoying but i still love them just the way they are.

Here is my pet cat, Smudge, (since the mark on his nose).He loves to hide in all sorts of places like a bag we use for trash or the closet. He always start taking shots at him when he's lazy.

Finally my hobby is video games but not a variety of games its just one single game, Pokemon. I will play this whenever I get the chance sometimes I play too much I forget what i was supposed to do which is homework, but I will continue my journey to be the very best.... like no one ever was.( see what i did there) :)

P.S I feel bad for jigglypuff in the anime. She sings so beautifully, yet she gets snores and yawns instead of cheering and clapping.( JUST SAYING)

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