5 Pic Story

By: Michaela Juelsgaard

It was a cold, snowy morning on the trail. Ella was going on her daily run, and she didn't care that it was cold out. She had to do it. It had been her dream since she was a little girl to be on the varsity cross country team as a freshman, and she wasn't about to let Laura Evans take her spot. Laura and Ella have always been in competition with each other. They are always the first two to finish. Keeping this in mind, she kept going. Nothing else mattered to Ella. Her parents and her don't have a good relationship, she hasn't talked to her older sister in months, and just ignores her little brother.

As Ella was running, she came upon a stone stairway that she had never seen before. She tried to think back to every other time she has ran on this path, but could not remember seeing this staircase. "What is up there?" she thought to herself. Ella just shook her head and kept going, she couldn't let things like stairs get in her way of a spot on varsity. After a few minutes she noticed something glowing around the corner. Again, this was something new. She proceeded running, and as she turned the corner her jaw dropped. There was the same exact staircase. Ella was so confused, how could this happen? She looked around, grabbed the railing, looked around, and took the first step. Nothing happened. She went up the  next one. Again, nothing happened. She continued up until she got to the top. Still nothing happened. She looked around, and saw a dark figure standing a little bit away.

As Ella moved closer she realized it was an older man with his dog. He was leaning over a pool of water, and the dog was just looking around. "Hello?" Ella said in a small quiet voice. The man slowly looked over, and smiled. "You must be Ella. Hello, I am Rodger."

"Uhh, hello." Ella said in a shaken voice. How did he know her name?

"You are probably wondering who I am, aren't you?" He said with a comforting smile. Ella nodded. "I am your guardian angel."

"Um, what?" asked Ella. She thought that someone was playing a trick on her, but how could they pull off the staircase trick?

"I have been sent to you because you have been having troubles in your life. You want to get the varsity spot for cross country don't you?" Ella nodded slowly, not knowing where this was going. "Follow me." said Rodger, and he took her hand.

All of a sudden Ella felt weird. She looked down at her feet and saw that she was floating! She started to kick and scream of fear, but Rodger calmed her down. He snapped his fingers, and everything went black. When Ella opened her eyes they were standing at the bottom of stairs that led up to what looked like a mansion. "This is my favorite restaurant, and it'll be perfect for us to talk." They walked up the stairs, and went in.  

It looked like an old building. Red floral carpet, ugly wallpaper, and a lot of ...things. They all looked Ella, and she looked back at them. They were things that only existed in movies, but Ella just shook her head. How her day has been going, she wasn't going to ask. A waitress, or waitor, Ella couldn't tell, came up and took their order. "I'll just have a water, and Ella will have a Coke, that's her favorite." Ella looked at him in confusion, she had never told him that. "Honey, I know everything about you." Rodger said laughing. "Now, lets get down to business. You want to be on the varsity team, yes?" Ella nodded. "That's all you care about isn't it?" Again, she nodded yes. "Now I understand that you don't want to do anything else other than run. I get that, but do you know what yesterday was?" Ella just stared with a blank face. "It was your brother's birthday. And do you know what he wished for? He wished for you. He wanted you to be there with him. He wanted you to be his best friend, tell him stories, be like all his friends's sisters." Ella could feel her eyes start watering. "How could you forget your own brother's birthday?" She thought to herself. She felt terrible. Ella didn't realize that she was being so mean to her family. They went to every single on of her meets, and she just brushed them off like they were nothing. She had to do something about it.

Ella stood up and walked out, thinking Rodger would follow her. He didn't. He just sat in his chair with a big smile on his face. He knew he had did his job.

Ella ran home as fast as she could, and burst into the door. She ran up to her little brother and gave him a huge hug and told him happy birthday. The smile on his face said it all. She found her mom in the garden, and went up to her. "Uhh, Mom?" Ella said in a quiet voice. Her mom turned around, and her eyes lit up. "I just wanted to say that I am sorry for not ever being home, being rude, and missing my brother's birthday yesterday." Ella's mom stood up and gave her a huge hug, "I've missed you Ella!"

" I love you mom." Ella said with tears in her eyes.

"I love you too, sweetie."