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By: Cole Carmichael
General Manager(Big Business)

How will I accomplish this goal of being a GM?

-Go to a University, preferably Iowa and study business administration

- Get a good job at a good business

- Work hard to get to the top

Future of the job

- Expected not to change

- Businesses are always growing, so there will be a need for people to run those businesses


- 260,500 dollars on average

Related Fields

- Account Executive

- Association Executive

- Bank Branch Manager

- City Manager

Why this field?

-  A big salary to live off of

- I like being around people and talking to people

- I like to be the leader and get to have authority

- I like conversing about problems and talking about ways to fix them

Being a GM would be fantastic! You get to dress up and have an office with a view. It would be awesome to go home to a nice house in a nice car. That is the reason why I like the salary. I feel like my fun personality would suit for a fun boss that can get things done. I'm not too concerned what business I will to work for, but John Deere would be best case scenario.

How does this field fit my personality?

- I will work with people which I love to do

- I get to tell people what to do which is always fun

People in the business world

A few people that have been successful in this field are Donald Trump and Steve Jobs. They have both influenced the field of business and  have showed how to market ones self. They can get a bad reputation for things they do, but you can't ever say they were bad businessmen. They are a good example of very successful businessmen. They have also had their ups and downs. Steve Jobs stole ideas and told the public they were his own ideas. Even though Donald Trump is and was rich, he has been bankrupt before.  

A person I look up to is my mom. She is a great businesswomen. she has always known how to pay bills and save money. She has also found ways to keep my brother and I happy, even though we are not rich. She worked for John Deere and knows about the business world and what it takes to be successful in the world of business. By herself she has done wonderfully in the world of business as a great mom.

Calvin Coolidge once said, "The business of America is business." He did wonderful things in this country when business was not thriving. He made the choice to make big business be the top priority in America. He is the reason why business is very profitable.

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