By: Olivia Prather

LDL ~  Low Density Lipoprotein ~  Carries Cholesterol to the cells

  • Contributes to plaque build up
  • Can be the cause of a heart attack or stroke  

HDL ~ High Density Lipoprotein ~  Carries Cholesterol to the liver

  • "Good" Cholesterol because it helps remove LDL from the arteries, taking it back to the liver
  • Low levels of HDL can increase ones risk of heart attack or stroke

If there is too much Cholesterol in the bloodstream it can cause

build up that blocks blood flow

Structure Differences

Protein is more dense than fat

LDL ~  50% Cholesterol and 25% Protein

HDL ~  20% Cholesterol and 50% Protein


The type of protein is significant because it determines the function of the lipoprotein particle

LDL ~ Contains B-100 Proteins

HDL ~  Contains A-I and A-II Proteins


Monitoring LDL and HDL levels is important, Most complications deal with the affect of cholesterol build up in the blood stream hardening into plaque.

          Complications of High Cholesterol

  • Heart Attack - Build up of plaque in the blood stream can cause blocked arteries
  • Stroke - Build up of plaque in the blood stream can cause blocked arteries
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Peripheral Artery Disease - Develops when your extremities do not receive enough blood flow

Normal CBC Results

Total Cholesterol < 180

LDL < 100

Too much LDL is linked to heart disease and stroke, LDL can clog your arteries

HDL - Levels greater than 40 to 60 are desired

Triglycerides < 150

Other molecules measured in the blood that are monitored include...

* Red Blood Cells (About 55%)
* White Blood Cells & Platelets (<1%)
* Plasma (About 45%)

Changing LDL & HDL levels

- Maintain a Healthy Diet

- Maintain a Healthy Weight

- Exercise Regularly

- Don't Smoke

- Treat High Cholesterol

Bad fats such as saturated and trans fats can increase the risk for certain diseases.
* Increase levels of LDL

Good fats such as Unsaturated fats are good for the heart and the body.
* Tend to improve blood cholesterol

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