Oliver twist cultural assumption 2

My second cultural assumption is the way women were talked to and treated by men. This assumption is shown through the viscous colloquial language used by the character Sikes in novel to show how the men talk to the women. A good example of this is when Bill Sikes hits Nancy and yells at her for wanting to go out or for talking or putting out her opinion on a situation. At the end of the novel Sikes actually beats Nancy to death for sticking up for young Oliver. Another example is sort of at the start of the novel when Oliver is taken in to be an apprentice for Mr and Mrs Sowerberry. When Oliver has a fight with Noah Claypole a charity boy who says horrible stuff about Oliver's mother, Oliver starts talking rudely to Mrs Sowerberry because of the names she was calling him and his mother and when Mr Sowerberry gets home he asks what is happening and Mrs Sowerberry is ordering Mr Sowerberry to hit Oliver but he really didn’t want to as he likes him but has to keep his wife happy so he smacked him across the backside.

I think that the treatment given by Sikes to Nancy is disgusting and horrible no women should ever be treated like that, Nancy was also very young a lot younger then Sikes and was a prostitute but yet Sikes and her were supposed to be lovers. As for Mrs Sowerberry she is just a mean, judgmental woman who henpecks her husband.

Dickens shows that back in the Victorian era women were definitely treated badly and unfairly by men and also made them slaves to get what they wanted out of them. He challenges the assumption by changing the one in charge with Mr and Mrs Sowerberry making the women in charged.

Nancy and Bill Sikes
Mrs Sowerberry

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