Los modismos- por Pedro Hernández

1. Estar hecho un ají- To be made a chili

This really means to be hopping mad.

Origin: Since chili peppers are very spicy, or "hot," this idiom would mean to become as hot as a chili pepper, or very angry.

2. Se me hace agua la boca- It makes my mouth water.

This really means that the food they see looks really good.

Origin: Food makes people salivate when they eat it, so when something is good, people want to eat it. Therefore, good food makes people's "mouth water," for them explaining that the food is very good.

3. Echar agua al mar- To throw water into the sea

This really means that the task that person is doing is pointless.

Origin: Why would someone throw water into water? That has no purpose, which highly relates to whatever pointless task a person is trying to accomplish.

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