Korean war


Who: A war between North and South Korea. South Korea was supported by the United Nations.

What: The Korean War was a war between North Korea and South Korea. It was a little bit longer than three years long.North Korea first invaded South Korea to start the war.

Where: The Korean War was in Korea.

When: It took place from 1950-1953

Why: Congress was going to give $150,000,000 to South Korea but Syngman Rhee (In North Korea) wanted all of that money so they went to invade South Korea and they started a war.

Summary: The Korean War was a war between South Korea and North Korea. South Korea got the support from the United Nations. The war took place in Korea from 1950-1953. This was because the congress was giving $150,000,000 to South Korea but North Korea invaded them to start the war.

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