Premier Blinds Supplier at Newcastle

Newcastle now has a ripper of a location for selecting the best in blinds, Awnings and Shutters – Apollo Blinds!

Last Friday saw me driving down to the mall on Pacific Highway at Belmont. As I drove at a leisurely pace with a Cody Simpson song playing on the car stereo, I noticed an eye catching bright yellow building that said Apollo Blinds Awnings and Shutters (it is right next to Black’s Smash Repairs). Coincidentally, I had been planning to change the window blinds at my home which were installed eons ago and were now mostly rooted.

I took the opportunity of being in the vicinity and stopped to take a peek at the latest in window blinds. I parked my car and walked through the entrance and stopped short. As I looked around, there were racks and racks of window blinds in a riot of colours and designs. Come to think of it, I was as stocked as a little kid in a toy store.

First off I asked the help at the counter if they serve Macquarie Street because that’s where my home is - a couple of clicks south of Apollo blinds. I worry too much - seems they serve Musswellbrook, Scone, Cessnock, the Hunter Valley, Maitland, Wyong, Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, the Central Coast, Gosford and the greater Newcastle area. They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and she also pointed out that they had flexible payment options. I wasn’t planning on a loan but grouse; good to know it’s available.

As I walked down the various galleries, I noted sections like Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Viewline Shades Blinds (don’t know what that is), Cellular Blinds, Roman Blinds, Panel Glide Blinds, Multi Pelmets and so on.

Within each section I also saw sub-sections on materials, sizes and colours. This place was a beauty beauty!

Then there were entire galleries for Awnings and Shutters. As I strolled through it felt like walking through Wonderland - there were sections on Fixed awnings, folding arm awnings, pivot arm awnings, spring operated awnings, straight drop awnings, automatic lock arm awnings, flexi fit auto lock arm awnings and so on. Each available in many different sizes, colours and materials; Awesome!

No dream would be impossible to fulfil here. Whatever you want to do to your windows or doors, the Apollo blinds at Newcastle has the material to see it done.

As I was browsing through the gallery on Shutters, I came across the floor manager who pointed out that shutters not only added beauty and value to your property; they also reduced the energy bills, reduced ambient noise from the neighbourhood, and helped seal your home’s most vulnerable points. I asked him to explain and he said 70% of home intruders enter through the windows and Folding Arm Awnings will solve that problem nicely. That was good oil there -definitely worth thinking over.

As I walked out of the store, I decided to call my decorator friend and have him come up with some ideas for my home. Once the plan was perfected, I’d return to Apollo Blinds – the floor manager had given me his card and promised me the Mate’s rate!