Racial Problems in Peru, and the U.S

     The U.S has plenty of racial issues, with the African Americans that were enslaved, and people from other countries coming here illegally and get our jobs because they will do the job for less witch is making our economy go down and makes people who are a citizen here in the U.S harder for us to get jobs. It can also cause people to act out because they do not like this, this is what causes racism.  On the other hand what our country fails to realize the people who do come from other countries, could be here legally. Another issue that is here and happen recently is 9/11.Since 9/11 happens Americans are scared of the people who are Islamic religion and think something bad is going to happen, which is not thecase.

          Racial issues started with the Spanish who took over the Inca Empire in the 16th Century, and still had African slaves characterized, enslaved Chinese laborers and migrants from Japan and Europe. Witch also causes racial issues, because now that the Spanish took over the Inca Empire now some of the Spanish people will look down on the Chinese and American who are not slaves any more. They have issues just like the U.S does, for example, Spanish people in Peru would not let two American people come back into the movies after returning from the restroom. Witch sounds like something that would happen here right in the U.S, and worse has happened in Peru and the U.S. Peru also discriminates toward African Americans. Peru also discriminates African Americans and say they are trying to change that because there neighboring counties have much greater advances with that.  In 2011 a report saying that Peru Africa-decedent in a situation of being invisible and venerable, witch impacted horribly on there human rights, and a lot in health and education.  The report also says only 2 percent of African Peruvians attend a hospital when they are sick, and only 2 percent of students who go to a university and complete there education. Finally 13.8 do not complete primary education.


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