My Announcement about Chris Hatfield on World Humanitarian Day

Good Evening my fellow folks and welcome to World Humanitarian Day! Today, on August 19th, 2014 it is my honor to call upon stage the 2014 Order of Canada winner ... Mr.Chris Hadfield but before I invite Mr. Hadfield on the stage, I would like to tell you about what Mr. Hadfield is known for. Mostly he is known for being the first Canadian to walk in space astronaut to be the commander of the International Space Station(ISS) but there are many more things that he has helped out with. First lets start off with just a little bit about him. Chris Austin Hadfield is born on August 29th 1959. Chris was born in Sarnia, Ontario. He is the offspring of Mr. Roger and Mrs. Eleanor Hadfield. Chris was raised at a corn farm in southern Ontario. Chris Hadfield is married to Helene Hadfield and has 3 children named Kyle, Evan and Kristin. Hadfield had got his scholarship degree from Milton District High School in 1977. One of Hadfield's most famous hobby is playing the guitar and we have all seen how good he plays the guitar via his videos posted on YouTube. How lets talk about Mr. Chris Hadfield's career. At a very young age, Hatfield was fascinated about flying when he saw Apollo 11 Moon landing on television. Chris Hadfield's first job was as a ski instructor at Glen Eden ski Area. After, Chris had joined the Canadian Armed Force and was a pilot. Then after out of 5330 applicants who wanted to be the new 4 Canadian astronauts, Hadfield was selected. Chris Hadfield went on 4 missions to space. They were STS-74, STS-100, Soyuz TMA-07M and Expedition 34/35. Mr. Hadfield has been working for NASA for the past 35 years and has helped to increase our knowledge about things to the world.The first way Chris has helped the world was that a Canadian being the commander of the ISS which is a Russian space craft, is a huge thing because the past of the 2 countries is filled with terrible wars. The second way Chris has helped the world is that when Chris Austin Hadfield was orbiting the earth, you can see the polluted area on earth. These things were reported and the people of that area were given warnings about it and this helped they be more health conscious. Now Finally I would like to call upon stage Mr.Chris Austin Hadfield!
                                                                                                                                -By Prachi Patel

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