Digital Citizenship

                  Digital Citizenship is when someone uses the web or internet responsible and respectful. When using the web you have to be careful on what you put on the internet. Privacy is what keeps you kinda safe from people who  want your  information and they can spread it to whoever they want  Cyber bullying is a big issue in the internet world, Cyber bullying is when a bully is bullying someone on a device like a phone,computer and more. Staying safe is what a digital citizenship does,they don’t give out any information about themselves and other people and don’t trust nobody online because some are fakes. Protecting your Identity is the most important thing in the online world because someone out there is posing as you and taking advantage of your identity. Never share your password to anyone and don't post anything you don't want your family to see. Your responsibility is to make sure everyone online and you are being safe and kind online so that the web can be a better place for everybody to be on.

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