Summer 2015
Panther Pride
Win hard, be persistent, be selfless.

May 25, 2015

Dear Panther Nation,

With this being the unofficial start of summer, I wanted to reflect and recap this past offseason and the accomplishments that we have seen. We completed a successful spring with a 55-31 victory over Arab in our spring game. As with every game, there were successes and there were areas of growth. All three phases of the game had bright spots as well as low spots. I am so proud of our young men for competing, battling, facing adversity, and ultimately winning the contest. What a great way to end the offseason.

We culminated our offseason with our first ever spring awards. This is a new tradition that we are starting at Huntsville. We wanted to recognize those individuals that demonstrate excellence, work ethic, persistence, and production. For 2015, four awards were handed out: The Greg Patterson Award, the Connor Neighbors Award, the Pat Wynn Award, and the Chris Anderson Award. The Greg Patterson Award goes to the person that best represents the'Huntsville Man': someone who has integrity, work ethic, and passion for football and for Huntsville High. For 2015, the award went to Thomas Birchfield. The Connor Neighbors Award goes to the person that best represents a great teammate and someone that you would want to go into battle with. Haynes Payne was this year's receipent. The Pat Wynn Award goes to our Defensive MVP and for this year, was earned by Zavion Warren. Our Offensive MVP, recognized by the Chris Anderson Award, went to Freddie Carodine. Although there are many individuals within our program that could have won these awards, these specific individuals stood out and are extremely deserving. We couldn't be more proud.

Along with our awards ceremony, we also conducted our spring evaluations. These are self assessments completed by our players that allow them to evaluate how they saw their progress this offseason in such areas as physical skills, mental knowledge, and various intangible characteristics such as work ethnic and tenacity. As coaches, we met with each of our players to provide feedback in regards to their strengths as well as their areas of growth. Parents, please ask your son about these evaluations. We will conduct them again in the summer and at the end of the season. We feel these self assessments and evaluations are essential in the development and progress as a football player as well as a young man.

Our first summer workout begins on Tuesday, May 26. We view the summer as the unofficial start to the football season. Your son will be exposed to new workouts, conditioning, and skill development. It is imperative that they are absent as little as possible. Our football team will get stronger, faster, and in better condition. We will also be going to some camps, compete in a few 7 on 7s, and will participate in an 11 on 11 competition. Needless to say, the summer is invaluable to our development as a team and ultimately our success for 2015.

Football season is right around the corner Panther Nation. We look forward to seeing you in the stands. Get your crimson ready!

Go Big Red!

Clint Woodfin

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