A very interesting person.

A single ladies man!!! Oh Ya...

I am a single 13 year old male who enjoys hunting, Pepsi, chocolate, people, and video games. I have many friends and I am enrolled in Edgerton Public School, (EPS). Never ask me to do too much physical activities in Gym cause that always ruins my sun filled day. I like role playing video games. I am also into Drama, I am a dramatic person, ( sometimes over dramatic), and I was one of the leading characters in the theatre 75 production of Grease 2013. I enjoy badminton, golf, hunting and want to try fencing. Later in life I plan to get a education and become a plastic surgeon and make the loads of money they do. I plan to live a luxery life. So if you would like to, KIK me at moneyismine, Snapchat me at devon.smith11!

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