Shack The Movie

By Viktoriya Obidnyak

Bruce Willis as Mack

He is an middle aged white man man unlikely to be noticed in a crowd. He could play Mack well because he can do simple Mack, or the confused Mack.

Elousia/God/Papa as Whoopi Goldberg

She plays a lot of crazy fun woman roles. She can play Elousia because she can do the happy crazy black women, but at the same time she can be sweet and sensible.

Peter Gadiot as Jesus

Middle Eastern and slightly smaller than Mack. Has a simple appearance with simple clothes.

Devon Aoki as Sarayu

She is a small, unique, distinctively Asian woman with a shimmering quality that makes her difficult to be seen clearly.

Bailee Madison as Missy

A young curious girl.


The Shack on the outside

The campside whre they sattled

The main room in the Shack when Mack comes in


The scene where Mack visits the shack and he could see nature and it made him all inspirational.

The part where Mack gets a letter from God, and slips and falls down and hits his head.

The part where Mack and everyone is looking for Missy. When she is found a her red dress is found by the police, the scene has to be there.

Every conversation with God, Jesus or Sarayu that Mack has.

Deleted Scenes

The scene where Mack's kids almost drown, I thin it's not necessary.

Creative License

I would change Missy's age from 8 to 13 because I want her to be a more mature character. I want her to understand her father when he talks about God more. At the same time I want her to be rebellious and bot listen her parents causing her death. I want to make Missy go missing when she goes for a walk in the woods to look for snow drops. I want to create a scene where she looking for snow drops leaving the the campsite when she wasn't supposed to.

Personal Epiphany

The book helped me to answer some questions that I had. It made me think some ways that i never though of before. It made me think why God does things the way he does. Why we should not judge people. Why God is not responsible for any sin or evil in this world? What sin is really is? What evil really is? It made me think about the holy gist and the importance of it, and sometimes it's hard to see it. How God can be any race or any shape and size, not only God but any of them. How Jesus was and is a simple man wearing simple clothes, being a good person. It made me think about God and our destiny and what control he has of it.

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