iOS - The Performance Packed Platform Fighting Back With Cheap Android

Apple, one of the world’s most respected companies is sitting on a cash pile of billions of dollars by simply doing one thing right: selling necessary electronics hardware products at gross fat margins. And it does so by delighting users with its unmatched user interface and design that makes it an interesting product engrossing users for much of their waking time. The company prides itself on high-design and has consistently been selling iMacs, iPods, iPads and iPhones; devices that can captivate the imagination of millions of users across the globe.

With hundreds of thousands of apps available over the store empowers user to do almost everything they wish to do from their devices. Solo developers and companies offering iPhone app development services are building awesome apps and making out living out of it, some apps are free and some are paid. One thing in common is that everyone is bagging money out of it.

But of late, the company has been feeling the heat from Android phones that have captured the bottom of the pyramid.

Android was initially an operating system formed by the alliance of 84 original equipment manufacturers which was Google bought Android in 2007. And thereafter heavy investments went into enhancing and upgrading the functionality of this operating system that has made smartphones as cheap as voice only phones and made internet access possible to people living in far flung places where broadband and satellite technology fail to reach.

The evolution of Android has had a ripple effect on many industries like banking, finance, medicine, publishing and similar such industries that can now deliver their products through mobile applications catering to productivity, health, enterprise utility and many such uses. Android store is easily accessible and has millions of free apps that help users to lead better lives and operate seamlessly round the clock without any disruptions, and that is one of the major reason of why Android platform beats Apple in developing market.

Google’s Android initiative has actually helped bridge the digital divide between the haves and have-nots and Apple has fought back by offering better browsers, better applications to the extent that there are so many companies that are surviving by just copying Apple. No wonder, engineers working at Apple do not know what the other team is working on and in spite of such a secretive culture, it manages to unleash products that have given established giants like Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Motorola, a run for their money.

The battle for a share of the consumer’s wallet is going to get even more challenging in the times to come and one can see better devices and applications on the anvil from Android smartphone manufacturers and Apple on the other side.