Algebra 1 6/8/15

For each video, there are questions that follow.  In order to get the assignment from the sub, you will need to show her that you have answered the questions on your own paper.  All of the answers will be found in the short video.  Remember that you can rewind and replay as needed!

We will review a little bit in at the beginning of class tomorrow, but you are still responsible for this information on your own!  I expect you to actively watch each video.  This means
    *Avoiding other distractions (no music/games/videos in the background).  If you have
    other things going on over the sound of the video your brain will not get all the info it
    *Taking notes.  You are not a computer and you will not automatically learn
    something just from hearing it once!  You need to write it down.

We will take a quiz tomorrow, as always!

VIDEO #1: Identifying Functions

Questions for Video #1

1.  What is the definition of a function?

2.  Describe how to make a mapping diagram.

3.  How do you decide if a graph represents a function or not? (What test do you use?)

4.  How do you decide if ordered pairs represent a function or not?

VIDEO #2: Linear Vs. Nonlinear Functions

Questions for Video #2

1.  How can you tell if a table represents a linear function?

2.  What does the graph of a linear function look like?

3.  What are the characteristics of a linear equation? (What are you looking for?)

4.  Is the equation 2x - 3y = 9 a linear function?  Why or why not?

VIDEO #3: Evaluating Functions

Questions for Video #3

1.  How do you say f(x) in words?

2.  f(x) is another way to represent ____. (Fill in the blank)

3.  How do you decide which equation you are supposed to plug the value into?

4.  If f(4) = 10, what ordered pair does that represent?

VIDEO #4: More on Evaluating and Graphing Functions
Some of this is review, but pay extra attention to the parts about filling in the tables and graphing the functions.

There are no questions for Video #4.  When you have finished watching, you may start the assignment.