World War 1 (1914-1919)

Militarism- Building up of military/navy in large numbers.

Alliances- agreement between countries to defend each other.

Imperialism- Stronger countries using influence over weaker countries.

Nationalism- patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.

The Spark of the Great War                                                      

Multiple things started the Great War but the one thing that pushed it was the assasination of Archeduke Franz Ferdinand

Leaders of the countries

Great Britain- King George V

Germany- Kaiser Wilhelm II

Austria-Hungary- Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Italy- Vittorio Orlando

France- President Raymond Poincare and Prime Minister Rene Viviani

United States- President Woodrow Wilson


The alliances in WW1

New Technology

Outcome of the War.

The war officially ended in Germany, and allies were signing the treaty of Versailles.

More than 65 million men fought in this war, and alot of the war was fought using trench warfare along the western front.

They had different technology they used back then, that was new to them. They had different things such as machine guns, tanks, armor, flame throwers, and etc.

They basically used these things to either protect themself, or kill others in the other country. They had it better than what it was before when they had war. They actually had technology.

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