5th Period
Assignment for Thursday 4/30

This class has been WONDERFUL for me for the last several weeks. Remember our discussion about my expectations for today. I will listen closely to Ms. Boone's feedback and that I will look over the things you complete during the class period. I WILL be prepared to reward continued excellent behavior and work ethic!

If any student is off track and needs more than 2 reminders, that student will be assigned them an alternate reading assignment to complete silently.

Throughout today's class period, work on the following tasks:

  • Finish Decorating Masks
    • I have noted 3 helpers who will be great resources for you during this process.
    • Students should cover the tables with paper if painting!
    • Hot glue guns are in the glue cabinet. Students may use these to attach decorations to their masks.
    • Students should sign their names inside their masks.
  • Finish filming video responses
    • Students may film their videos in the gallery, outside, or hallway - wherever you are comfortable having students spread out.
  • Edit video responses
    • One or two students will be working on this at a time. Others should be not idle - they should be working on their masks or a cleaning job.
  • Work on a Cleaning Job
    • Look around the Art Room to get an idea of what needs to be done. Some ideas for projects include scrubbing tables, washing dirty containers/brushes, putting away cleaned tools in the cabinets below the sinks, etc. If you cannot find a cleaning job today I will find them one on Monday/Tuesday - no worries.
  • Open Studio Time
    • IF AND ONLY IF you finish ALL of the tasks listed above, you may read, complete assignments for other classes, free draw, or work on any of the “open studio options” I’ve left with Ms. Boone.