Plastic is a very resourceful material but.  It can also be deadly because of the chemicals within it.

Why Plastic Can Kill

One of the reasons plastic can kill people is because animals digest plastic then we eat the animals.  Another way it kills is the chemicals within it can give us cancer, make you hyper, make you aggressive and so much more.  Yet there is so much plastic in the world we still use it.

Why Plastic Was Made

Plastic was made because, we used so many resources underground that scientists needed to find a new material to make things.  Then they found plastic and then they started making so much stuff with it that.  It turned into the number one resource in the world.

Safer Ways Instead Of Using Plastic

There is many ways to live beside using plastic such as.  Use nothing that is plastic,  use glass instead of plastic,  or make something safer than plastic.  Actually some people are already doing that and it is working for them

Hope you enjoyed.