My name is Kelsey Green. I have been in marching band for three years playing the piano, and would like to play bass drum this year. I like to draw and be outside, even though I spend most of it inside. I also love Netflix and the spending time at the beach.

Three Things About Me

My parents convinced me to take piano lessons when I was in third grade. Since then I have taken private lesson for five years, and play keyboard in the marching band for three years. I absolutely love music and everything about it. I'm a very musical person.

My favorite place is the beach. Even though a lot of people love the beach, I do too. I went to a beach in North Carolina two years ago with my sister for her birthday. Honestly it was the most wonderful day I've had, I would love to go back there and take more pictures.

I also love to draw on my free time. I am not the best drawer but I personally think I am quite good. My mother and my dad's parents are all very artistic. My mom mostly paints, my grandmother specials in painting animals, and my grandfather works with pens and pencil. I haven't painted in a few years but I do like to sketch realistically. However I do my best when I'm copying a photo.

Three Goals

My first goal is to get musical. I would like to get better at piano, percussion, and possibly learn another instrument. If I get a personal trainer I could be taught how to do things better.

My second goal is to save money for my future. I need to stop wasting my money on little things so I can save up for either a car and or college.

My third and final goal is to be healthier. I need to eat healthier and drink more water, working out wouldn't hurt either.

Some day when I get the chance, I would love to visit Australia. I'm not sure where exactly but any where near water is good. I want to go to Australia because it looks beautiful there, and I love warm weather. Because I also want to go bungee jumping someday I think there would be a great place to do it.

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