Summer 2014

What I did and Where I Went

July 18th was my birthday. Sadly, I didn't have much of a party. I just spent the day with my family.

My Family and I camped for over a week. It was really stressful but in the end I had fun.

My mom and I went to the fair and took selfies while on some of the rides. I had a great time.

I went to France Park a few times with my aunt. Her bathing suit didn't really fit right and she had a wardrobe malfunction while we were in the water. Someone else pointed it out to her which was embarassing at first but a good laugh later.

I went to Indiana Beach a few times with my family. I enjoyed riding the rides with my little siblings.

The most memorable part of my summer was sleeping. I slept in until at least noon everyday, and some days until 3 P.M.

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