Yemen is a country in the Middle East. It lies along the southwestern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. We are going to be discussing the history, economy, and people. Those are very interesting topics. So get ready to learn!

The early histories of what are now southern and northern Yemen are similar. The region was long a meeting similar. The region in the 1st century. In the 6th century it was conquered by Ethiopians and Persians. Over the centuries Muslim religious and political leaders established a series of Islamic monarchies.

Despite economic advances the 1970's, Yemen is one of the worlds poorest countries. Agriculture is a major economic activity. Yemenis have developed some of the most highly sophisticated methods of water conservation. All major cities in Yemen are served by all-weather roads. But Yemen doesn't have any railroads.

Most Yemenis live in villages and small towns in the countryside. Yemen's population is almost entirely Arab and Muslim. The people have tended to divide themselves into northern and southern groups. Most of the adult population has no formal schooling. Arabic is Yemen's official language.

In conclusion Yemen is a very interesting country. It is also very unique. It has many Muslims in the country. It has a rich tradition. I hope your learned as much as me, because that is all.

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