The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was a key turning point that was a huge cause of the start of World War 1. This kick started the war.
Blimps were a new and updated technology that was used in world war 1. World war 1 was the first war to use a military through the air.
World War 1 was the first war to use the factor of gas as a weapon and new technology. This picture shows how the soldiers avoided the gas.
War life was terrible for the soldiers because the basically lived in a big pit of mud. This picture closely depicts soldiers way of living.
Life for soldiers was not just nasty but it was crowded and extremely dangerous. This pictures shows a good depiction of a typical day.
Propaganda was a big part of what civilians were use to in contributing to the war. Civilian life centered around helping the soldiers.
This picture explains how civilians were filled with fear during the war because they knew they were in the war and struggling to live.
Europe was in a bad place even after the war because of the heavy use of bombs and poison gas completely destroyed towns and cities.

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