Mongol Empire and Yuan Dynasties

Mongol (1206-1368)

The Mongol dynasty was important to many people because they respected the beliefs and lifestyles of their people. The main leader of the Mongols Genghis Khan which meant "universal leader". They were divided into multiple clans and each of them was led by a khan or chief. A khan was chosen by his military skills and ability to lead. Under the rule of Genghis Khan, he united the Mongol empire and he set out to build an empire. He was able to conquer lot of land because of his brutal army.

This maps the borders of the Mongol empire, which is outlined in black. It also shows where the empire was able to expand to.

Yuan (1271-1368)

Yuan dynasty was created after Khan of the Mongol dynasty died and the dynasty was divided into 4 sections and was ruler by an heir. Kublai Khan started the Yuan dynasty. The Yuan dynasty was largely affected by Chinese influence. Khan modeled the dynasty similar to one of Chinese. He tried to rule as a Chinese emperor and they had the same government as the Chinese. Khan made an improvement on the Grand Canal because he was able to lengthen it so that trade was able to increase even more. The lengthening of the canal specifically helped to ship rice and other good from southern China to northern China.

This video is very useful because it tells what happened when the Yuan dynasty was creating. It also shows the battles they had to fight as well as what happened between the Yuan dynasty and the Mongols.