0-12 Months

As  a caregiver you should be able to meet your infants intellectual needs by the following:

-Build a library and\or a toy collection to stimulate your child's imagination

-Explore the world with your child.

-Familiarize the child with things in the world.

-As parents, you have to ensure that your child feels secure

As a caregiver its your responsiblity to meet your childs physical needs by

-providing plenty of space for the child to move around and eventually crawl

-make sure to wash all the childs toys sense they like to put things in their mouths

-give opportunities to the child to have hands on activities to help develop senses

-maintain safety precautions to prevent falling or anything else bringing danger to child

As a caregiver you should meet a child's emotional  needs by

-Spend one on one time with your baby

-Protect your child and keep him/her safe

-need to have a daily routine

-Reacts to strangers and clings to mother

As a caregiver to a infant you should meet your infants socials needs by:

-smile to the baby

-have eye contact

-involve the dad during this time

-have the baby socialize with others

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