Some facts about chile are...

Population: 17.62 million  (2010 estimate)

Capital: Santiago de Chile

Area: 291,930 sq mi

National Holiday: 18th of September

Calling Code: + 56
Time Zone: us time minus 4 hours
GDP: Total – US$ 243.569 billion

City view of Chile

State map of Chile

This is the map of Chile.

The major captol is "sanatogio"

Has a few citys not as many as missouri of states in the us

Food of Chile

Some of chiles food they even have french fries hamburgers and pickles

They have alot of simalar foods in chile as in the united states.

most of their food is made at home instead of at store

Typical meals in Chile consist mainly of lots of meat especially beef and chicken, rice and potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields of Central Chile. Even though seafood could be the common daily meal in Chile with its 5.000 km long coast.

Famous Places

the top 3 famous places to go to are ..


Santa Cruz


Climate and Geography

As you can see climate changes increase rapidly then decrease and increase over the past few years.

Its usually above 104 degrease

Thank you for listening .

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