Mice Have Anxiety Too?

Researchers have recently found how fear memories and behavior get to the brain. These feelings are located in the central amygdala inside of neurons. The paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus, which basically controls the amygdala, is the most sensitive to stress. They found that PVT found in animals helps them learn fear and recalling fear memories. Disrupting this connection between the PVT and amygdala will impair fear learning, which is why this area is an ideal place for the drugs to target when treating anxiety disorders. The scientists just don't know how the link is created. They found that BDNF is a molecule implicated in anxiety disorders and people with this disorder have mutations in their BDNF molecules. BDNF ends up being the reason there is a connection between the amygdala and PTV, as they found in their research with mice.

Reflection: I chose this article because I have always wondered where mental disorders came from in the brain. All of the mentioned parts of the brain above, each play an important role in anxiety and stress. I think that being able to know how all of this stuff is connected is an important part in treating all of these mental disorders, mainly anxiety. Managing stress and anxiety I can imagine is very difficult but now with the research from these scientists we have found how we can manage anxiety and stress.

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