Physical Characteristics

The Pegasus looks like a white horse but, with wings.

First Seen

Pegasus was the son of Medusa and Poseidon. He was born out of Medusa and her head came off in the process.


Pegasus lived with Bellerophon who soon fell in love. To marry his ‘love’ he had to slay Chimera. Chimera had a head of a lion that breathed fire, a body of a goat, and a poisonous snake as a tail. Pegasus was the only one who could withstand Chimera’s breath. The only problem was that he was not tame. As Pegasus was out to pasture Athene gave Betherophon a golden bridle to tame him. Then off they went to kill Chimera, and it was a sucess. Bellerophon went on to marry his love and inherited half the kingdom.

Last Seen

Pegasus was last seen with Betherophon slaying Chimera. He is known to live with Bellerphon and his wife in his field.


Pegasus is a gigantic horse with massive wings. He is very able to fly for hundreds of miles. Also Pegasus is fire retardant and that is one of the main reasons he was able to slay Chimera.  


Pegasus is very high tempered when you get in his way. Also he was a very high ego, if he falls flying he will become very vulnerable.


If you capture this beast bring him to Mount Olypimus and collecy your reward of $11 Million dollars for your service.


Pegasus still has not been found. Bellerophon will not release any infomation on his where abouts. So be on the look out for a white winged horse.

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