The location of the Shang Dynasty was in Anyang. The king's palace was located in a platform in Anyang.

They made human sacrifices, and when they made a new royal house they made human sacrifices and buried them under the royal house.

They had a belief in life after death, when a king was buried slaves, animals, and servants were sacrificed, and put in his tomb to save him in the afterlife.

The King led the government.

The king presented his power by his strong armies helping him maintain his rule.

Shang Armies are Powerful, feared armies. Shang armies were made up of large numbers of archers, foot soldiers, fighters in chariots, and men mounted on elephants and horses The chariots were two-wheeled carts drawn by horses. There were three soldiers riding in each chariot. With a driver in the middle, and archer to his right, and a spear carrier to his left. Nobles fought in the King’s army, and supplied the army with weapons, foot soldiers and chariots.


Nobles had a luxurious life, they spent time hunting, and lived in great palaces. Symbols Of Power and Examples: King’s gave Nobles jade discs, usually decorated with a lucky animal or creature such as a dragon or a tiger. Nobles would often mount the jade discs, on posts in their homes.


Potters, Stonemasons, and Crafters that crafted bronze and jade. They were below Nobles in the social pyramid but above farmers. Artisans skilled in bronze were especially valued. They made the weapons used by Shang Warriors. They made and decorated containers for Nobles and the King to use in religious ceremonies or simply as symbols of their wealth.


Traders were below nobles and above farmers. Merchant means Shang Ren or Shang Man. They used Cowrie shells for currency.


Farmers were second to last on the social pyramid. Farmers got land from nobles and Kings but they didn’t own the land, they simply worked on it. They planted crops using tools of stone and wood. They raised pigs and chickens. They grew millet, wheat, barley, rice, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.


Slaves were prisoners of war. They spent their lives building tombs and palaces. They were sacrificed to serve their Masters in the afterlife, and worked for King’s and Nobles.


The Shang religion centered on ancestor worship.

Basic Beliefs

They believed in life after death. They believed that their ancestors can help or harm them. Religion while referring to king. They believed that their king had the power to rule from their ancestral. Spirits therefore the king must follow the wishes of his ancestors.

Oracle Bones

Oracle Bones were made from turtle shells or the shoulder blade of a cow. They were used by kings to seek advice from their ancestors. The carvings on the oracle bones tell us today what life in the Shang Dynasty was.

Shang Writings

Shang writing contained only pictographs and logographs. Logographs are characters that stand for words. For example, the combination of the characters of woman and child equal the character of good. Having a written language unified the Chinese people.

Shang Art

Shang artisans were skilled at working with bronze and jade. They made bronze animal masks and jade statues. Jade is a hardstone that is smooth and shiny.Jade Work is done by sawing,filing, and sanding. Jade symbolized wealth and superiority

Shang Technology

The Shang Dynasty’s most important technology was bronze. With bronze, they made powerful weapons such as arrowheads, spearheads, Ax Heads, and helmets.

The End

Constant warfare caused the dynasty’s military power to weaken. All the lavish shopping weakened the economy. In about 1045 B.C.E., The state of Zhou attacked and overthrew the Shang Dynasty.

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