That the moon has many thing it does for humans in everyday life like how high or low the water is in the lake and the type of moon phase during the month most the time there is more moon phase then eclipse during the years

the reason why we have moon phase is because of the light from the sun  and it changes every day wen the light hit the moon that cast shadow from it there are eight  types of moon phase Such as new moon  waxing crescent first quarter waxing gibbons  full moon waning gibbons third quarter and waning crescent.

there is two types of tides spring tides and neap tides and they occur when the gravity from the sun pulls the water even thought that it is 150kilometers  and pull towards it

the two types of eclipses are solar and lunar eclipses are made when a object in space comes between the sun and the third object and casts a shadow on the object which cause an eclipse and they occur 4 times a year.

life with out the moon would be very different then what it is like to day one thing is that we would not have any tides or moon phase and eclipses and life would be not the same as it is today

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